We just discovered the Boiler Room TV live streams, with regular broadcasts from New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, London and other electronic club music capitals around the world.

Even better, there’s a Tumblr that picks some of the most hideous elements of these zombied children and posts them as entertaining gifs.

The creators of Boiler Room Knows What You Did Last Night have painstakingly compiled a ‘best of’ series for your viewing pleasure, and we’ve cherry-picked a few of the best ones.

1. This guy acknowledging the dopeness before mowing someone over. boiler 1
2. This Casanova with horrific timing. boiler 2
3. This guy’s girlfriend whose split personality suddenly decided to show up. boiler 3
4. This fellow and his “a thousand pardons, madam” retreat. boiler 4
5. This loud shirt dude looking for cues on spastic hand gestures. boiler 5
6. This guy REALLY feeling the music over here.boiler 7
…and over here.boiler 24
…this’ll do.boiler 25
7. This guy whose LSD just kicked in. boiler 8
8. This guy who likes pointing at things. boiler 9
9. This guy who clearly sees something unusual on the back of this girl’s neck. boiler 10
10. This chick test-sniffing her armpits. boiler 11
11. This guy and his f-cking invisible knobs. boiler 12
12. This kid who just discovered the art of self-expression. boiler 14
13. This indescribable moment in time. boiler
14. This guy who needs to step the f-ck back. boiler 15
15. This room that’s vibrating with energy. boiler 17
16. This dude counting his ones. boiler 18
17. This sad soul in his salmon-pink Polo shirt. boiler 19
18. This creature fellating a speaker. boiler 20
19. This guy who needs some Theraflu. boiler 21
20. This spazz that needs to chill the f-ck out. boiler 22
21. This OG who just made direct eye contact with you.boiler 23
22. These gelflings who REALLY like what they see. boiler 26