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Guy photographs people on their smartphones and ‘The Death of Conversation’

Before mobile phones were invented, people would have had no choice but to interact.

Here are 16 brilliant paintings that will destroy your faith in humanity

Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist who specializes in themes that make you think. While some of these paintings may take a moment to understand, the message soon becomes powerful and clear. Look:

VIDEO: This is how smokers react when a 9 year-old kid asks them for a light

If a small boy asks for a match to light his cigarette, how would you react?

What if cops treated Wall Street bankers the way they treat unarmed black kids?

There’s a lot of bitterness in this country in the wake of the financial scandals that plunged us into economic uncertainty. Fueling that bitterness is the lack of accountability in regards to the folks who were behind those scandals.

These dating tips from 1938 will make your jaw drop

Back in 1938, Parade Magazine published a list of dating tips for women – and while some of it is pretty ambiguous, there are few suggestions that would probably be better suited for a concubine in Imperial China.

Comprehensive sex education credited for California’s lowest teen birthrate in two decades

According to data released last year from the state’s health department, California’s teen birthrate has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years, with the current rate being at 28 births for every 1,000 teenage girls. The data shows a 60 percent drop since 1991, when

This brilliant comic puts Hobby Lobby’s concept of ‘religious freedom’ in perfect perspective

Matt Bors has quite a talent for framing things in a brilliantly ironic way, and the recent debate surrounding SCOTUS's Hobby Lobby decision is not immune from his hilarious and biting perspective.

Here’s South Park’s Ms. Garrison explaining the theory of evolution (NSFW)

The popular show South Park is hit or miss with a lot of people, but most can’t deny their biting and irreverent take on current events – especially those that have to do with religion.

The stupidity of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling is summed up perfectly in this image

After the SCOTUS ruling on Monday that a privately-owned company is not required to cover contraception under the Affordable Care Act, Sarah Baker took to Twitter to make her thoughts known.

Hypocrisy: Hobby Lobby invested in numerous abortion and contraception products while claiming religious objection

In a stunning example of hypocrisy, Hobby Lobby’s retirement fund invested in a wide variety of companies producing abortion and contraception related products.