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VIDEO: Scientologists show up at a guy’s home to harass him, so he turns the hose on them

Mark Rathbun has been the target of Scientology’s foot soldiers since he left the church in 2004.

Top Scientology leaders caught on video harassing an ex member at L.A. airport

A former executive of the Church of Scientology has posted video footage showing high-ranking members of the church yelling obscenities and harassing him in a Los Angeles airport. The video is the first public glimpse of the secretive church’s top management in four years.

Christian boarding school staff gets caught on video brutally beating 14 year-old boy

In a video obtained by CBS 6 News, four Christian boarding school staff members can be seen chasing down and beating a 14 year-old boy who was in their care. The images were taken inside the cafeteria and sanctuary hall at Abundant Life Academy

New research shows the more educated people are, the less likely they are to go to church

New research uncovers evidence of a causal link between increased schooling and decreased religiosity.

This innocent letter perfectly demonstrates the Catholic Church’s glaring hypocrisy

Canada’s Yellowknife Catholic Schools undoubtedly looks out for their students. They’re so diligent, that when a registered sex offender took up residence in their community, they sent a letter home to parents warning them about the potential threat that lurks among them. Lacy Bell,

This is how radical Christian parents homeschool their children

“If you look at creationism, you realize it’s the only possible answer to all the questions,” Levi’s mother tells him during a lesson.

Christian pastor offers atheists $100,000 to prove God doesn’t exist, atheist proves pastor is dumb

Evangelical pastor and Internet celebrity Joshua Feuerstein lives in a bubble. It’s a bubble so encapsulating, he can’t see how ridiculous he looks challenging his ideological opponents to prove a negative.

Frank Sinatra’s views on organized religion were decades ahead of his time

The interview originally appeared in Playboy Magazine in 1963, and it demonstrates the timeless performer’s incredibly deep and evolved thoughts on organized religion – thoughts that rival many of today’s scholarly critics of faith.

What if atheists treated Christians the way Christians treat atheists?

In light of the supposed “War on Religion” hysteria that’s disseminated by the right, it’s important to consider how it would look if the shoe was on the other foot.

After a 61-year decline in religious belief, 2013 hit a new low

Researchers agree that religiosity in the U.S. is in the midst of a “great decline.”