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Andy Richter’s response to Chelsea Handler’s fat joke was the best comeback in late night history

Comedian Chelsea Handler appeared on CONAN recently and she learned one very important lesson: DO NOT mess with Andy Richter.

Here are 21 things that are strangely similar to each other

21. Justin Timberlake and these ramen noodles. 20. This fellow whose doppelganger is the old man from Up. 19. Michael Jackson and this ancient statue honoring Michael Jackson. 18. Nicky Minaj and this Troll Doll. 17. This old lady who was clearly the inspiration

Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘f*ck you’

Crows these days.

Here are 15 examples of awkward packaging

15. Soup for sluts. 14. Fairytale riding couple. 13. Butterfly training ball(s). 12. My dog. 11. Dinosaurs. 12. Tastes like Grandma. 11. Phallic sausages. 10. Rice with herpes. 9. Child shredded meat. 8. Pampers. 7. It’s a boy. 6. Barbie. 5. “Musical instrument.” 4.

Here are 22 GIFS showing why ‘Boiler Room’ club kids are the worst people on earth

The creators of "Boiler Room Knows What You Did Last Night" have painstakingly compiled a 'best of' series for your viewing pleasure, and we've cherry-picked a few of the best ones.

Here are 23 terrifyingly adorable Halloween costumes for your pets

Halloween will never be the same.

Some guy is replacing the faces of classic paintings with Mr. Bean

If you’re a true believer that nothing is sacred, then here’s a post for you.

Jerry Seinfeld slammed the advertising industry at their own awards show, and it was perfect

Jerry Seinfeld laid into the advertising industry with a speech that was as damning as it was funny -- and it all happened at their biggest awards event.

This compilation of C-SPAN prank callers is therapy for the soul

Here's an old classic from the Internet that we thought we'd resurrect. Try to get through this without cracking up.

VIDEO: This is how smokers react when a 9 year-old kid asks them for a light

If a small boy asks for a match to light his cigarette, how would you react?