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Canadian authorities release video of gunman storming Parliament building

Authorities in Canada have released video showing how a lone gunman stormed into Canada's parliament and was shot dead by police.

Watch these extreme winds cause a waterfall to actually flow in reverse

Hikers exploring England’s Derbyshire Peak District were up against some extremely strong winds – winds that allowed them to witness a rare phenomenon.

Guy photographs people on their smartphones and ‘The Death of Conversation’

Before mobile phones were invented, people would have had no choice but to interact.

VIDEO: Scientologists show up at a guy’s home to harass him, so he turns the hose on them

Mark Rathbun has been the target of Scientology’s foot soldiers since he left the church in 2004.

Top Scientology leaders caught on video harassing an ex member at L.A. airport

A former executive of the Church of Scientology has posted video footage showing high-ranking members of the church yelling obscenities and harassing him in a Los Angeles airport. The video is the first public glimpse of the secretive church’s top management in four years.

VIDEO: Hikers stand their ground as massive African elephant charges

It’s hard to truly convey the size and power of this charging African elephant, but this video can give you a slight hint.

Andy Richter’s response to Chelsea Handler’s fat joke was the best comeback in late night history

Comedian Chelsea Handler appeared on CONAN recently and she learned one very important lesson: DO NOT mess with Andy Richter.

This short horror film will make you think twice before looking under your kid’s bed

Apparently, a minute is all it takes to freak you out.

VIDEO: Citizen pulls over a cop driving an unmarked car, informs him he’s breaking the law

Upholding the law isn’t a job only for cops.

VIDEO: This old man stepped into the ring with a younger fighter and destroyed him

The old have a lot to teach the young, but it's not often in the form of an epic beat down.